July Update

bekindandsmileoften July Update - Pulmonary Fibrosis

We are officially Los Anglicans. The 3-4 hour drive from San Diego to UCLA for doctors and hospital visits got old fast. Thankfully the move was relatively smooth and last Saturday we moved into our new apartment. Now we are only 15 minutes away from the hospital. We love the location and are so happy mom can walk in the beautiful & flat neighborhood. 

Mom is still fighting an infection and on a few different antibiotics. The doctors expressed concern that this round the infection has gotten a bit harder to treat. This could mean that it has reached the dead(unfunctioning) tissue in her lungs and is there to stay. We are looking into alternate treatments since she can’t stay on antibiotics forever. This week we will be meeting with the doctors to talk about next steps. They have proposed a surgery to remove part or all of her left lung and hopefully remove the infection. This could mean she wouldn’t get sick as often or could mean she would get higher on the  list and receive lungs. At her current listing it doesn’t look like she will receive lungs since her score is too low. A true tricky situation. She needs to be healthy enough to have a successful transplant but sick enough to receive lungs. I think we are constantly reminded that while we cling to what we know and think is best, God has a plan. For now we are celebrating walks under magnolia trees and sunny windows.

Thanks for your support and love!