January 14th


Hello! Sorry for no update last night, I had packed my phone in the laundry that Craig washes every night. He has been beyond amazing, cooking and bringing food, washing all our clothes daily (we have to all wash everything we wear everyday) and working remotely from the room. Very grateful for our family πŸ™‚

Mom had a really great day yesterday. We only walked once but we were able to go out of the unit it to the elevator and floor lobby for an extra long loop. There is a nice view of UCLAs frat row. Her pace was incredible and the nurses have been complimenting her ever since.

They have lowered her vent settings even more. Super exciting that today they want to take her off pressure support for a short time and try a high flow cannula. Her pressure settings are 10/5 now and will get lowered to 7/5 later. Her blood gas BBG (which monitors her ph & CO2) came back stable. Her CO2 has always been problematic for her and is being watched closely. Right now it is at 60, yesterday it went up to 65 but the doctors say that it will go up and then back down as she gets used to the new settings. They are great here and take a BBG frequently to monitor.

Today is an even busier day. I don’t know how it happens as we are just sitting in a room all day but it is a constant flow of activity here. The head surgeon Dr. Ardehali is going to try to stop by. He is amazing and known to take really high risk surgeries and have amazing outcomes. We are excited to talk to him. The speech therapist is also supposed to stop by and get mom swallowing. That along with lower vent settings means she can try to eat! 4 weeks of no food is no fun. Since the settings are low she has been able to taste and smell again so lots of joy smelling all the good oils and brushing teeth with mint mouthwash. It’s the little things right?

Thank you for all your love, prayers and messages of support. We really feel all the love here in the icu. I think that everyone who comes into our room does too. The twinkle lights and picture of the grandkids get lots of Ohhh and ahhhs. πŸ™‚ Please pray for acceptance to the transplant list, continued miraculous healing and for peace of mind and spirit. Sending so much love from LA.

Taryn KealaniComment