January 25th


Yesterday flew by! We woke up to the great news that mom was accepted into the UCLA Lung Transplant program and should be listed today or Monday. They were just waiting on a few more tests to get done. Her angiogram and ultrasounds of her diaphragm and carotid came back normal. Her heart is in excellent shape much to the doctors surprise.
Once she is listed we will get her LAS (lung allocation score) and find out more about the list. Every doctor has a different timeframe and plan of action so we are just going day by day. Since she is so stable we will move off the icu floor soon. Some doctors said it's better to wait for lungs outside of the hospital to minimize infection but others say she will be waiting here. They even told us that living in San Diego before the surgery might not too far! After the surgery we would need to be close by for a bit but they feel comfortable with her moving back if she is healing well.
They want to downsize her trach and move towards capping it, meaning she would go back to nasal cannulas for breathing. They are going to try to get her another swallow test today. A smaller trach will also help make it easier. Other then that, mom is walking a lot, working out with her exercise bands and getting her voice stronger and stronger.
Please pray for continued healing and strength, for peace and trust in His plan, for mom's swallow test to go well, for the doctors and nurses to have wisdom and gentleness.
Thank you for all your love and support! Sending love from LA!

Taryn KealaniComment